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The Bachelor of Arts Commercial Music academic course is aimed not only at classical and modern musicians / singers (the course is multi-stylistic and open to all instruments), but also to producers / programmers, aspiring producers / agents, cultural entrepreneurs , artistic producers or arrangers, aspiring audio technicians, artists in the field of performing arts and music technology.

The Bachelor is a 1st cycle English academic qualification, also known as Degree, awarded in the UK following three-year or four-year courses. This qualification corresponds to the Level 6 of the EQF (the European qualifications framework), a level which also includes the 1st Level Academic Diploma and the Italian Triennial Degree and is comparable to them under current Italian regulations.

The course can be followed at the Campus MAST Music Academy of Bari and Rome at Art Village.


The acquisition of the Bachelor of Arts Commercial Music allows access to the Master of Arts courses, for improvement and specialization. It also favors the achievement of professional and artistic skills useful for carrying out different professions in the cultural industry, including: soloist or band musician; songwriter; entrepreneur or manager in music or culture in general; shiftworker, technician or assistant at recording studios, live concerts, TV / radio programs; music teacher in professional schools in the UK (after obtaining a license); music teacher in non-professional schools outside the UK; A&R (Artist & Repertoire) representative / manager in the artistic record field.



Every year it is possible to access the course in two moments, which correspond to the two four-month periods of study: the admission request must be made no later than September 15th or January 15th of each academic year.

In very exceptional cases, in the presence of particular requirements or the student’s needs, subsequent admission requests may be taken into consideration, although these requests will be subject to the unquestionable judgment of the UWS headquarters, and conditioned by the availability of places.

To register, you must have the following prerequisites: be 18 years of age (there is no maximum age limit); minors under the age of 18 can only access in some cases, if they hold UK degrees such as: BTEC, or other qualifications that the Faculty may deem suitable; be in possession of a High School Diploma (or, if graduated abroad, a qualification equivalent to the EQF Level 3/4 or otherwise accepted by the Faculty), or a Level 3/4 qualification in musical disciplines (for example the Diploma of Italian Musical High School); have a good knowledge of English (at least IELTS 6.0 recommended). It is advisable to apply for access to this course only after having studied the main notions of music theory and harmony, just as it is necessary to be able to use a computer to write, create a presentation, manage music software, even initially at the level of basic.


The duration of the course is 3-4 years, but in the case of previous qualifications already acquired or of previous professional experience it can be considerably reduced, following a direct access to annuities higher than the first.

The course provides the opportunity to spend a period of study abroad, as well as to carry out a professional internship, to apply the theoretical and practical concepts learned in the field.

The annual number of hours is around 800 hours of training, divided between lectures, individual study, laboratories, role playing, professional training and project work. Each student is also required to participate in workshops, events or cultural activities.

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