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MAN – Music Academies Network just as the individual companies that are part of the group cannot be qualified as Universities, Public Schools, Equipped Musical Institutes. Ours is a private organization that makes use of Partnerships with Certification Bodies and Universities such as Pearson, Trinity College of London and University of the West of Scotland (UWS), recognized as such in the European and International sphere, and as such qualified to issue titles of study and academic qualifications.


These educational qualifications find a usability and recognition throughout the European Community, thanks to recent and innovative legislation on the subject.
First of all, the Lisbon Convention is mentioned, so called because it was signed in the capital of Portugal on 11 April 1997. This Convention was drawn up on the joint initiative of the Council of Europe and Unesco-Europe Region, to facilitate mutual recognition of higher education qualifications among the signatory countries. Italy has ratified the Lisbon Convention with Law no. 148 of 11.07.2002. Having to be applied to educational systems often very different from each other, the Convention limits itself to enunciating the fundamental principles and general criteria, delegating to the competent authorities of each signatory country the operation of these guidelines (for more details visit the Certifications section – Recognition Procedures).



 Among the objectives of the Lisbon Convention the following aims deserve to be emphasized:

  • Allow secondary school graduates to access universities and other higher education institutions in all countries;
  • Facilitate student academic exchange programs;
  • Use the final national academic qualifications for access to the labor market and regulated professions in all countries or to continue studies at a more advanced level;
  • Develop national information centers on mobility and recognition of qualifications and the dissemination of new certification tools.



 Going further into detail, BTEC Extended National Diploma in Music or Music Technology is a final foreign secondary school qualification that allows access to undergraduate courses (Italian or foreign) in the relevant disciplines and conservatories, as it fully possesses the requirements required by the legislation in force: 1) it is issued by an official Certification Body of the English educational system; 2) is a valid qualification for enrolment at universities in England; 3) is released after at least 12 years of study, between primary school and secondary school (this is why, among the requirements for access to this course of study, the fulfilment of the compulsory schooling).

These requirements are valid for all students with a secondary foreign qualification, regardless of their nationality: both for secondary qualifications awarded in European Union countries (U.E.) and in non-U.E.



A similar speech can be made for the BTEC Higher National Diploma title in Music or Music Production. It is always a foreign title that allows the continuation of studies in universities (Italian or foreign) in related disciplines, or at the Conservatory.

With regard to participation in public competitions with our qualifications, we remind you that Public Contests are reserved for Italian citizens or those of a European Union country. The specific rules of each competition are established by a Call for Proposals: within this you can find all the information relating to the methods of participation and performance of the tests, as well as the qualifications required for entry to the specific competition. An Italian citizen or a European Union country holder of a foreign qualification of any level (secondary school, higher education), can participate in competitions for jobs at Italian public administrations through a procedure of recognition provided for by law and which is defined as equivalent of the foreign title with the corresponding Italian securities.



For what concerns the Bachelor of Arts Level 6, finalized to the release of the Bachelor of Arts Commercial Music, in collaboration with the Scottish University of the West of Scotland, this title is issued by the university following our courses, and corresponds to a 1st cycle English academic qualification, also called Degree. Corresponding to the Level 6 of the EQF, level where also the Italian 1st Level Academic Diploma and the Three-year Degree are placed, (as per QTI, the framework of the titles of Italian higher education). However, the Bachelor of Arts is not an Italian qualification but an English one, comparable to Italian educational qualifications according to the current regulations on the subject.

The study program provided by us for obtaining the Bachelor of Arts, as well as the entire work of the whole school, are constantly evaluated by the quality control committees of the English University and by the regular audits of the Agency for the Control of the Quality of English high school education cycles “QAA – Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education”.

It should be noted that in Italy no foreign qualification is directly “equivalent” or “recognized” without a relevant recognition procedure. In order for foreign degrees to produce in Italy all the academic and professional effects that an Italian qualification produces, a recognition procedure must be undertaken which, depending on the specific case, is distinguished in “declaration of value” or ” equivalence “.

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