Recognition procedure

In Italy, no foreign qualification is directly “equivalent” or “recognized” without a relevant recognition procedure.

In order for foreign qualifications to produce all the academic and professional effects that an Italian qualification produces in Italy, it is necessary to undertake a recognition procedure which, depending on the specific case, is distinguished in “declaration of value”, ” equivalence “or” equivalence “.


To facilitate the recognition of qualifications, for study or professional reasons, the procedure called “Declaration of Value” must be used.

Once this declaration has been obtained, even students with a BTEC Level 3 or Level 5 in Music or Music technology degree will be able to access or continue a 1st cycle university course in related subjects, or the 1st level academic courses of the Conservatory.

The Declaration of value is an official document, written in Italian, which synthetically describes and provides information on a specific degree awarded to a person by an institution belonging to an educational system different from the Italian one and on its value in country that issued it. It is a document of an exclusively informative nature and does not constitute any form of recognition of the title in question.

The Declaration of value is issued by the Italian Diplomatic Representations abroad (Embassies, Consulates, Italian Cultural Institutes). The procedure for obtaining the declaration of Value is activated by request and preparation of documentation to be presented to the Italian University, which acts as an intermediary with the Foreign diplomatic missions.

It should be noted that, beyond the recognition of the foreign qualification, Universities and Conservatories provide for an admission exam, exactly as happens for every Italian graduate who has obtained his / her degree in Italy.



The public competition is the general procedure by which access to the Italian Public Administration is regulated. It is reserved for Italian citizens or those of a European Union country. The specific rules of each competition are established by a notice and within it you can find all the information on how to participate and perform the tests, as well as the qualifications required for entry to the specific competition.

The Italian citizen or of the U.E. holder of a foreign qualification of any level (secondary school, higher education) can take part in public competitions through a recognition procedure called “equivalence”. This procedure consists of an overall assessment of the foreign qualification compared to the Italian one foreseen by the competition announcement. This recognition does not transform the foreign title into an Italian title but allows the foreign qualification to enter the competition that requires an equivalent Italian qualification. The body responsible for this procedure is the Presidency of the Council of Ministers department of the Public Administration Office P.P.A – Recruitment Service.



The individual Italian universities that assess their foreign academic qualifications in their autonomy are competent for the equivalence procedure. The decision is taken on a case by case basis and each university is autonomous in deciding whether or not to issue the Decree of equivalence, a document which establishes the equivalence between the foreign title and the corresponding Italian title, according to its own internal procedures.

The equivalence can only concern the Italian titles of:

Ea Degree • Master’s Degree • Research Doctorate.

For further details on the necessary procedures, check the following procedures for the procedures established by the Consulate General of Italy in London:

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